Our Windbreaks

Windbreak solutions for the British weather!

This is not just an ordinary windbreak, our system is a rigid construction which can be erected in less time than an awning. It has a lightweight aluminium frame, with horizontal poles both top and bottom, making it secure for your pets and toddlers. It is also guy-rope free, using rigid aluminium support poles to protect it from the British inclement weather!


Create a very smart, attractive & safe environment for your children & pets or just some extra privacy & wind shielding for your camping / show pitch. Coveva are totally committed to constant research & development to deliver products of outstanding quality & innovation, so far unrivalled in Europe, at a cost well below our nearest competitor.

We are also able to offer a compatible conversion kit, for those that have a similar product from another manufacturer that uses a fabric run exceeding 4.5 metres! Please call 01372 377400 for a costing to convert to the Coveva Windbreak Solution.

The Coveva windbreak Solution is available in the following four colours:

Dark blue

Dark green



As an extra option the larger sets can come with some additional parts, enabling you to form the solution you require and the gates may be placed in the centre or at each end. Please call us to discuss your exact specification on 01372 377400. All windbreaks are 1.2 metres (4 feet) in height.

Each panel is 1.5 metres (5 feet) in length, gates are 0.75 metres (2.5 feet). Our system is made up from a combination of 2 & 3 panels, so the longest length of fabric you will have to deal with is 4.5 metres (15 feet) ! There are many designs available, we are just showing the most popular ones, so if you have a design not shown, please call our sales team with your specific requirements on 01372 377400.