Single Ground Plate

Single Ground Plate


  • Brand: coveva
  • Availability: In Stock
  • SKU: WB5

Used on upright poles where no joint or gate is required

Customer Reviews

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Steve Harvey
Good item, even better customer service

Order this item and forget to order a couple of Velcro stapes, did a separate order for these. Both orders put in the same box, and got a £10 delivery refund without any input from me 👍

Niall Moreton
Single foot plate.

Excellent service and product and so was the wind break i bought as well. Good and solid for the dogs, with stood the high Scottish wind as well. Ordered one day got it the next fantastic service.
Thanks everyone.

Heather Day
single foot plate

quite robust, but sometimes the nail heads go though the holes

Paul Keelan
Bloody Cheek

I am being asked to write a review on a single ground plate I purchased because when I bought the 16m set for nearly £500 it was missing. I ordered the 16m in the November but could use it because of covid so when I used it in March I discovered the foot plate missing and they would not supply it free of charge because it had been so long after my purchase. So yes, the single foot plate is fantastic but covenas after sales is diabolical

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